A Daddy Dom, two naughty virgin Elves and an interfering Father, what could possibly go wrong?

Benidic and Gwil know their future is to be bonded to each other, but as much as they love each other there is something missing in their lives.

That is until Drake.

Drake is down on his luck. His shoe making business has closed and he must find another income. Then he gets an offer from the owner of the club he frequents to make BDSM bondage wear. But there’s a problem, he needs assistance. Can the two men who break into his shop provide the answer? Or is trying to teach two naughty Elves what happens when you mess with a Daddy Dom just the start of his problems?

The Elves and the Bondage Daddy is a standalone mmm gay romance with delightful dark twists, enough steam to melt your panties and a HEA.

The elves and the Bondage Daddy.png