Ashar is the heir of a wealthy ruthless Turkish mafia family. His uncle, Stelian runs the family business with unrelenting violence and brutality. Ashar is his uncle's right-hand man and he punishes those who transgress against their empire.


One late night while guarding a shipment, Ashar’s cousin, blackmails him with sordid pictures of him and his port authority lover, whom Stelian suspects is stealing from them.


His cousin demands Ashar join him in killing Stelian, his own father. But they are cornered by Stelian instead and dumped into The Black Sea. Facing certain death, he sinks into the cold dark murky waters, where he sees a beautiful man, with a long glittering purplish-blue tail saving him.


Ashar must get home and execute his revenge against his uncle. There is no time to fall in love with a mysterious, dark, and handsome stranger at the bottom of the sea. One who calls him mate and ties him up in delicious wicked ways that leave him wanting more of Fury's sinful discipline.




Fury has been around for over thirteen thousand years. His father, Azaes, was the ruler of Atlantis and the Ancient Seas, making his world a cold and calculating place. He is the youngest son to a vast ocean empire, the last of his people, the Altanians.


In Fury’s world, the biggest shark eats the smaller fish. There is no sympathy towards humankind, only disdain and hostility. One night the prince watches as two humans are tossed overboard from a large freight. One has a scent he can’t understand that pulls him towards the stranger.


He finds the dying man and must save him. He is amazed by all the scars and wounds the man has and he can’t stop himself from touching the handsome human. This is his mate.


Fury breaks an ancient vow when mating with Ashar. He will not marry Nereus, known as the sea witch. It was a vowed marriage made by his powerful grandfather, the one and only, Poseidon.


Impossible for them to resist their attraction to one another. The two men set a series of catastrophic events in motion, that sets mortals and immortals fighting for survival.


Two men from vastly different worlds collide in a mix of heat, passion, and desire. Throw in ancient curses, marriage vows, tridents, and family drama- will Fury and Ashar survive long enough to fulfill all their most passionate desires?

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