I played a game and didn’t know the rules. Now, no one believes a vampire wants my soul. I’m going to have to pay the consequences all alone. 

 Lying pays my bills. If the masses are naive enough to believe my lies, what’s the harm? They’re all sheep to me anyway, ripe for the fleecing. All except him.

My new neighbor was intense, captivating, and handsome...at first. I foolishly played with his fire, and now I’m burning. As he uses my body and destroys my barriers, it’s impossible to remember who I am, or what I want. His seduction of pain and passion are almost too much to resist.


Now I’m the fool who’s destined to pay for crying wolf, to have my blood and soul devoured by my captor. I’m starting to believe he may be right. He’s both my death and my eternity.


Consequences of Crying is a dark and modern m/m retelling of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. There are intense situations involving obsession and dark desires. Relationships may be deemed unhealthy and include possible triggering content.

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