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When Keegan's vacation takes a turn for the worse, will he be the same when it's over?

Keegan Sinclair was looking forward to summer break and a long weekend away with his friends. Keen to get the party started, Keegan arrived at their campsite first, giving him the opportunity to set up his tent for him and his girlfriend and plan their nights together. Before Keegan could reach the campsite, he was taken hostage, and held against his will.

With this strange man holding him captive, Keegan has no choice but to do what he wants: whether he likes it or not. The longer he’s with this man, the more Keegan begins to question whether he wants to stay or go. When the opportunity arises, Keegan has a decision to make.

Does he return home to the life he knows, or stay with the man who has altered him forever?

Beauty Bound is a standalone MM gay romance with wonderful dark twists, enough heat to have you panting and a HEA. It is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast.