A Merman's Tail.png

Lyric waits twenty-five years to rise to the water’s surface with his grandmother’s permission. On his birthday, when he finally breaches the ocean, he unexpectedly sees a most breathtaking human. A rogue wave destroys the human’s boat, and Lyric saves him, taking him to land. Since that fateful day, Lyric longs to find his human once more. He is even prepared to make a great sacrifice to finally meet him again.

Ethan Turmont comes from a family of fantasy hunters, or at least that’s what the locals call them. His father has always been adamant that mermaids exist, and he has searched the ocean for years, looking for the mythical creature that made them the laughing stock of their town. A night out in the boat leaves Ethan fatherless after a hurricane, but it makes him as determined as his father once was to solve the oceanic mystery. He knows a merman saved his life, once upon a time, even if his friends think he’s gone as crazy as his father.

When Ethan meets a voiceless man, there’s something familiar about him, and he’s more beautiful than any woman Ethan has admired. He’s never been attracted to a man before. Between his newfound desire for someone of the same gender, and his obsession with finding the merman who saved his life—so he can take his tail as proof—Ethan has a new view on life.